“Top online resources for Korean contemporary art” (Art Radar)

An image I took in 2011 of Lee Yongbaek’s “Pieta”

I wrote an article for Art Radar Asia about the top resources for contemporary South Korean art:

“The digital sphere offers a relatively limited number of resources on contemporary South Korean art in English, especially compared to Korea’s East Asian neighbours. Although online resources for English-speaking art professionals are becoming more abundant, a need still exists for varied and critical debate among the online art community.

To help you make the most of South Korea’s exciting art scene, here are the best online resources that feature contemporary Korean art. Ranging from online archives to critical reviews, as a collection these virtual spaces allow anyone with internet access to delve into the rich contemporary art scene flowing out of the Korea peninsula.”

To read the entire article click here!

Robert MAPLE-thorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe, Self Portrait, 1975 via The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Art Space released their second volume of How to Pronounce Artists’ Names. I’ve heard Robert Mapplethorpe’s last name pronounced two ways and had to scour Youtube videos to make sure I used the correct pronunciation for a lecture. These two volumes would have been helpful then! I hope they keep it up! Here are Volume 1 and Volume 2.