Sunday Morning Coffee [North Korea]

From Jean H. Lee’s Instagram Feed

There are a couple of photographers I follow on Instagram that feature images of North Korea. One of the photographers, Jean H. Lee, was interviewed back in May.  Her Instagram handle is newsjean (David Guttenfelder’s handle dguttenfelder is the other; I recommend following both).  When asked about what would surprise the outside world about North Korea she says, “When I show my photos and videos of daily life in North Korea, or share anecdotes about what it’s like to live and work with North Koreans, people are most surprised by how “human” North Koreans seem because the picture we usually get is so orchestrated. But like the rest of us, they laugh, they cry, they joke, they fight. They love to tell jokes, they love to dance, they love to sing.”

On another noteThe Real DMZ Project opened July 27, the sixtieth anniversary of the cease-fire.  According to the project’s website, “The Real DMZ Project is a contemporary art project based on researches of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and the border district. It began in 2012 and will be proceeded as a long term project with interdisciplinary researches and practices. This year, it aims to elaborate on geopolitical meanings of the border region of DMZ in Cheorwon through the frames of art, humanity, sociology, and science with ‘borderline’ as the keyword. Moreover, the project will seek to provide a sustainable platform where the studies of the DMZ conducted in diverse fields can be shared.” For more information visit the review on e-flux where I became aware of the project and The Real DMX Project website.

The conference I attended in Macau had film screening along with the panels. They featured two films about North Korea, each representing a different approach to the situation there: Unfortunate Brothers: Korea’s Reunification Dilemma and Memory of Forgotten War. I only viewed the second but after talking to the director of the screenings I would recommend both of the films.

If you’d like to dig deeper into the visual politics of North Korea I recommend looking into Visual Politics and North Korea: Seeing is Believing by David Shim. It will be published by Routledge later this the fall.

On a lighter note, I prefer this to this.

After this post goes live I’ll have just enjoyed a scone and coffee sitting next to Lake Michigan at sunrise with my parents and husband. A much needed pause from this (wonderful) and crazy summer. If you’d like to follow along you can find me on Instagram. Enjoy the last few days of summer.

Sunday Morning Coffee [Nibbles from the Net]

Dominic Wilcox via DesignBoom

MINNEAPOLIS: Pantone projects still seem to be hot. This one in particular seems quite tasty. You can follow these decadent creations on instagram @dschwen via DesignBoom.

GERMANY//ITALY//USA: Speaking of food: some odd eggs via Art Daily and DesignBoom.

NEW YORK: Here’s an annotated version of the Armory show via Art Fag City. They also featured our former president’s paintings of pooches!

CHICAGO: Today Autumn Space is holding their Benefit Auction.

CHICAGO: On Friday Research House for Asian Art will have an opening for Above and Beyond the Clouds featuring artwork by Chen Xiaowei and curated by Xie Jiankun.

SOUTH KOREA: An upcoming documentary on the dissemination of the music scene from South Korea via The Grand Narrative.

Instagram + Lichtenstein

I tried to pick some less known Roy Lichtenstein works to share. If you have time tomorrow, I highly recommend going to the very last day of the exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. On a side note, the audio tour was well worth it. Go see it for yourself (tomorrow)!

Above: A play on Pablo Picasso and a work from the Mirror Series.

Which is the bust?

Procrastination on Instagram

It is the big thesis semester. School started last Thursday and I am already wavering between being elated and terrified (focusing on the first). In my moments of confusion over my thesis I have taken a few photos in Instagram to amuse myself.

Organization Makes it Happen


Carpet Confusion.


Accidental Lap Desk

(I’m really excited to read this chapter in Traditions and Tensions and am glad I was reminded of it today.)


[My] Pillars of Though and Cannons of Concocting

Old Mission Wine Tour

The Saturday of our anniversary trip Chad and I went to Old Mission Peninsula to visit the wineries.    I’ll just do a quick rundown and share our favorites.

2 Lads Winery–This was my first time here and I had heard quite a bit about this winery.  The view was fantastic but it was packed and the tasting was very rushed.  None of the wine from our tasting knocked my socks off.

Bry Estate–We had a lovely tasting in the barrel room and enjoyed some of the wine but it was a bit out of our price range.

Peninsula Cellars–A long time love that we refer to as the School House winery.  We had nice tasting and purchased a Pinot Blanc and Old School Red.  Wonderful staples to help us remember one of our favorite places.

Finally, as we headed back up to Northport, we stopped at Left Foot Charlie.  Do not go anywhere with in a 100 mile radius of Traverse City, Michigan without visiting this tasting room.  We had their famous Murmur as one of our wedding wines and it was even better this year!  We tasted a few old favorites but we also got to taste a few new things.  First, they had a red  table wine (they previously only released white) which we bought for that evening.  It was medium bodied, spicy, peppery, perfect with our grilled steaks.  That wine was sold “growler style” so we can go back for more next time we’re up there.  Finally, we tasted their cider.  Now, I’m not a huge cider person–the Cinnamon Girl was fantastic!  Well priced, not too sweet, crispy, phenomenal.  If we hadn’t been tasting wine all day I would have sat back and had a glass then.

Sunday we did tasting on the Leelanau Peninsula–thats up next!

By the way, looks like I’m not the only person in love with Leelanau–ABC News “Sleeping Bear Dunes Voted ‘Most Beautiful Place in America.'”