Sunday Morning Coffee

Hyungkoo Lee, Image from The Objectuals

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My friend and MAVCS grad Meredith Kooi was interviewed by Caroline Picard on Bad at Sports. “The Liminal Space of Self: An Interview with Meredith Kooi”–click here to read it! Meredith is incredibly insightful and her work is fascinating.

A fun(ny) work break: SAT vocabulary test based on The Hunger Games. I’m embarrassed to say I missed one.

This image reminds me of Miru Kim’s work. It is from the article “A Chicken Without Guilt” on NY Times.

Mark your calendars! On April 6 at Autumn Space in Chicago the second year MAVCS student will host a reception to celebrate our final exhibition. Tomorrow I’m doing a series of test-installations for the next iteration of Body Project which will be my contribution to the exhibition.

Sunday Morning Coffee (Superbowl Sunday!)


Above is an art homage to the Superbowl at the Indianapolis Museum of Art by Robert Indiana. Enjoy your chili!

I have a VCS Noontime Lecture this Friday in MC 112 South Michigan, Room 501. I’ll be discussing Body Project and I’d love to see you there!

Art Radar‘s third installment of What is ahead for contemporary Asian art, 2012 and beyond? Part III.

The earliest copy of Mona Lisa found at the Prado.

More on the  9th Gwangju Biennale. If I were in Korea I would try to get to one of these workshops.

First Family art stroll.

Paul Gauguin right before he died said, “I have wished to establish the right to dare anything…The public owes me nothing, since my achievement in painting is only relatively good, but the painters–who today profit by this liberty–they owe me something.” Modern Art by Sam Hunter, John Jacobus, and Daniel Wheeler page 44.


My Growing Great Wall

Here is a quick view of the progression of the Body Project. Last week we had studio visits in the village and I hastily pinned my growing collection on the wall.  I really like them pinned up and I plan to continue building it in this way.  I currently have 77 cards and plan to have at last 150 by the end of my time in China.  I have 250 cards so ideally I’ll have to order new cards while I’m here.  The collection is from various different venues and groups of people–Ikea, email submissions, a Tedx dinner, and a French gallery opening.  The cards have been submitted in four languages thus far.  The photo below is during the Imagine Gallery opening last week.  Two of the Bei Gao studios are across the street so we had our doors open as well.


IKEA & The Body Project

Wednesday, Adrienne, Rayna and I trekked to IKEA to work on our various projects–an odd location, I know.  Rayna is a photographer, Adrienne paints, and I went to work on the Body Project.  IKEA in Beijing is an expedition much like it is in the States.  In Beijing, unlike the States, the shoppers get very involved in “testing” the products.  Almost every couch, bed, and chair had someone resting in it.  As you walk through the rooms full of different mattresses to try the beds, each bed is either occupied or tossled as if someone had just gotten out.  The photo below is of an angelic little baby testing out the crib for her mom (behind four people are filling out Body Project cards).

The incredibly relaxed shopping method at IKEA in Beijing was an ideal location for be to begin the China part of the Body Project.  The Body Project is a simple task, I ask people to briefly describe their bodies to me.  The collection of descriptions will lead to an art project.  I approached different clumps of people, said “nee-hao,” and the pointed to the Mandarin part of the card.  I 24 people participated and 17 people politely declined.  It was an amazing experience and I’m excited to keep going.  If you would like to participate submit a description of your body on my website!  Answer the question, “Please briefly describe your body.” To see the official description of the project click here and use the contact form to submit your answer here. You will remain anonymous and if you are not comfortable using your email address use katesbodyproject[at]gmail[dot]com, password 123body123. I will post more about the project as it progresses.

Yesterday I went on a trip to the 798 arts district, I’ll fill you in soon!

UPDATE:  There have been some problems with my email address and contact page on my blog and website.  Please send any Body Project contributions to katherine[dot]korroch[at]gmail[dot]com.  Thank you and I apologize for the confusion.