Sunday Morning Coffee [Masculinity]

Image from Joseph Maida’s series New Natives (Hawai’i)

Huffington Post’s article, “8 Scantily Clad Reasons To Rethink Your Understanding of Masculinity” written by Priscilla Frank. Reviewing Joseph Maida’s photographs, “Far removed from your typical headshot, Maida’s photos capture the wide variety of men who happen to find shelter on the tropical islands, combining blatant sensuality with traditionally masculine and feminine poses.”

Knife and Fork shared an interesting article about male eating disorders posted on Jezebel, “I’m an Alcoholic Dude With an Eating Disorder. Hi.” written by stand-up comedian Jamie Kilstein. In a comedic but poignant tone Kilstein explains, “I would tell people that if they ever did a Behind the Music-type special on me, it would be the lamest one ever. Instead of a heroin or a crack addiction, it would just be me on the road after a gig, naked in a bathtub, surrounded by stuffed crust pizza boxes sobbing into my phone, ‘YOU DON’T KNOW ME!'”

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the male body in contemporary South Korean art for Art Radar Asia. I touch upon the urger to prefect the body and ways artists alter the actual human figure through their art.

On a different note, take a look at this man’s collection of Barbie dolls!

As I write this post some artists come to mind such as Dutes Miller, this exhibition, and of course some of these dudes. Speaking of, have you seen Ai Weiwei’s latest? According to Art Radar Asia, “… bloody performances, simulated sex and government repression can still provoke art audiences.”

If you’re interested, here’s some recommended reading regarding South Korea and masculinity: Sun Jung’s Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumption: Yonsama, Rain, Oldboy, K-Pop Idols and Stephen J. Epstein and Rachael M. Joo’s article “Multiple Exposures: Korean Bodies and the Transnational Imagination.”

Barbie Dissected and Defaced

via ArtDaily

Do you love dissections of Barbie’s as much as I do? Above see Jason Freeny’s “Choice Cuts: New Sculptural Work” at 101/exhibit via ArtDaily. Below Huffington Post exposes Barbie un-made. Writing this post made me curious about Barbie today. She’s still going strong–check her out here.

via Huffington Post

Sunday Morning Coffee [Ladies in the Limelight]

via Lil Mol’

Maud Lavin write about the “Bad Barbies” Gang for Slate Magazine.

Irina Ionesco pays her daughter Eva Ionesco for the explicit photos the mother published of her daughter when she was a young girl via Art Daily. 

Gwangju Design Biennale appoints Young Hye Lee to be director  for the 2013 Biennale via e-flux.

South Korea nominated their first female president on Wednesday, Park Guen-hye. She is the daughter of former president Park Chung-hee who is responsible for both an economic turn around and a dictatorship-like reign. Some hope that a female president in South Korea will help break down traditional Confucian social boundaries. 

Sunday Morning Coffee (Sunny and Cold)


The Barbie above was made by Jocelyne Grivaud. This piece about Grivaud’s work was brought to my attention by Hazel Dooney on Facebook. Dooney’s response to Barbie is here.

“Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” successfully debuted at Sundance!

During some thesis research last week I was reminded of Changwon Lee’s work I saw for the first time in 2009. It is great in a photo and even better in person.

Remember when I did the Body Project at IKEA in Beijing? Here is more IKEA art. If you like it you can support the Kickstarter.

Sunday Morning Coffee will soon become a Jewsroch family pastime! Keep your eyes posted here.

Have a great week!