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My multitalented friend, Alexis Buryk, recently posted a tour of our apartment on Apartment Therapy. She took some incredible photographs that really made our space look great–I wish I could always see through her lens! Alexis also wrote an article about our priorities when it comes to decorating and building a home together. I’ve always wanted to put together a post about our growing art collection done on a budget, I think this does the trick.

Alexis says, “Art leads the way in Kate and Chad’s colorful and curated Chicago home. Working with a simple, open layout, with white walls as their canvas, the couple bases their apartment design on what matters to them most.” To read the rest and view the images click over to “Kate & Chad’s Art-Filled Dwelling” by Alexis Buryk for Apartment Therapy.

Thank you, Alexis!

Batman, Jaws, and Other Such Characters

Our apartment is filled with original artwork that my husband and I have collected over the last few years–some gifts, some from travelling, some of my paintings. One piece that gets immediate attention is Justin Mages’ silkscreen Batman vs The Shark. In his prints Mages combines culturally notorious characters with intricately designed images that accentuate the kitsch of each figure.

Justin Mages, Batman vs The Shark, Silkscreen on Linen

Last week while Chad and I were in Buffalo, New York and we had the opportunity to visit Mages’ new studio space. Decked in his bright white sweatband, Mages was generous enough to give us a quick silkscreening tutorial (success). We practiced making t-shirts with the figure from The American Mary. While we were visiting the studio we also had the chance to view some of Mages’ other work. We picked up another print, the gem White Girl Problems, which is printed on the most shocking shade of pink imaginable. I am thrilled to have another Mages in the Jewsroch collection.

Sunday Morning Coffee

Miru Kim, Composition 2, 2011

I’ve been spending the last week writing a chapter of my thesis on Miru Kim. More on her in another post.

If you haven’t decided who to vote for in the fall let me help you. Michelle Obama does the interlude dance. 

Starving for Perfection–a follow up on some of these artists.

Get some art in the mail for free!

Singapore Considers “No-Censorship Zones”–Read this article

Okay, back to my thesis.

Sunday Morning Coffee (Beer Tasting)

Robert Mapplethorpe’s Derrick Cross, 1983

Betsy, I though you would enjoy this artist’s work!

Liumang Yan is speaking up for sex workers in China, she is also one of the women in One Tiger Eight Breasts with Ai Weiwei.

More on affordable art!

This article is about scandalous muses.  I would have added Robert Mapplethorpe’s models to the list. If you are interested in Mapplethorpe and his muses you should read two chapters by Kobena Mercer on Mapplethorpe’s work. To summarize briefly, in the first chapter Mercer is quite angry about the objectification of the models in the photographs. A few years later he wrote a second article revisiting his initial reaction and accepting the work.

“What is ahead for contemporary  Asian art, 2012, and beyond?” Part II.

Yesterday I went to a great pannel at SAIC called “Getting on the Map.”  Sharon Louden moderated a conversation with Carron Little, Mark Jeffery, Judd Morrissey, and David Parker.

There is a horse hanging from the ceiling at the Guggenheim in New York!

Collecting Art (The Affordable Version)

With the internet art collecting has become more accessible for those with a smaller budget.  It is not only more affordable but also very convenient.  It is ideal to buy art directly from the artist but sites like the ones I’m about to share with you enable the artists to focus on making and gives them the opportunity to be part of a larger community of artists selling their work.

My current favorite site for affordable art collecting is Jen Beckmann’s 20×200.  20×200 has limited edition prints at three different size: 8×10 inches at $20, 11×14 inches at $50 and 16×20 inches at $200.  For a higher price you can select to have them framed.  Below is a recent image I really like from the site.

From 20×200.com by Eadweard Muybridge

I also like this, these, and this.

And no, 20×200 is not all lady body based, I just like that.  You can sort through the prints by color, subject matter, and size.  Go look, it is fun.

Another interesting option is what I call “Netflix Art”–Turning Art. On this site you buy a subscription for either $10 or $30 per month, they send you a frame, and just like Netflix, you trade out the art print as often as you like.  Another great aspect of this option is that each dollar you spend goes towards buying an original work.  I think this is a fantastic idea but I didn’t find much art I liked (they have a huge selection) and ideally the artwork would be originals instead of prints.

Black List Studio prints has a limited selection but the genius idea of sizing their prints to match IKEA frames.  I got this one for Chad for our first anniversary.  Though, I bought the wrong IKEA frame.  Please don’t ask me about that day.

Finally, I woud like to mention Etsy.  Etsy is the where I sold my work back in 2007-2008 and where I continue to have my current paintings listed.  That being said, the Etsy marketplace is incredibly saturated.  It is really a site for creatives to use as a storefront and not a site where artists can count on being discovered by new buyers.

Where do you buy art?

Paintings for Sale

I finally stretched some of my paintings from my residency in China.  Now I am in the process of posting them for sale on Etsy.  If your walls are hankering for some fruit this is perfect for you!  Click here to view my Etsy shop. Check back regularly as I post more paintings!

The two closest to the camera are on Etsy–Adrienne’s Mangostein and Green Apple, Purple Plate.  Enjoy looking!

Old Mission Wine Tour

The Saturday of our anniversary trip Chad and I went to Old Mission Peninsula to visit the wineries.    I’ll just do a quick rundown and share our favorites.

2 Lads Winery–This was my first time here and I had heard quite a bit about this winery.  The view was fantastic but it was packed and the tasting was very rushed.  None of the wine from our tasting knocked my socks off.

Bry Estate–We had a lovely tasting in the barrel room and enjoyed some of the wine but it was a bit out of our price range.

Peninsula Cellars–A long time love that we refer to as the School House winery.  We had nice tasting and purchased a Pinot Blanc and Old School Red.  Wonderful staples to help us remember one of our favorite places.

Finally, as we headed back up to Northport, we stopped at Left Foot Charlie.  Do not go anywhere with in a 100 mile radius of Traverse City, Michigan without visiting this tasting room.  We had their famous Murmur as one of our wedding wines and it was even better this year!  We tasted a few old favorites but we also got to taste a few new things.  First, they had a red  table wine (they previously only released white) which we bought for that evening.  It was medium bodied, spicy, peppery, perfect with our grilled steaks.  That wine was sold “growler style” so we can go back for more next time we’re up there.  Finally, we tasted their cider.  Now, I’m not a huge cider person–the Cinnamon Girl was fantastic!  Well priced, not too sweet, crispy, phenomenal.  If we hadn’t been tasting wine all day I would have sat back and had a glass then.

Sunday we did tasting on the Leelanau Peninsula–thats up next!

By the way, looks like I’m not the only person in love with Leelanau–ABC News “Sleeping Bear Dunes Voted ‘Most Beautiful Place in America.'”

Anniversary Trip & Eats

As many of you know, my wonderful husband and I celebrated one year of marriage last week.  We had an amazing weekend trip in Northern Michigan where we got married.  If you feel like a quick glance at our wedding day click here to view the amazing feature on the Wedding Creativo website.

Two of our main activities were eating and wine tasting.  We hit all of our favorite lunch and breakfast spots including Barb’s Bakery for cinnamon twists and coffee, Cherry Republic for free cherry samples, The Early Bird for the famous only to us Chadwhich,  Art’s Tavern for a breakfast suited only for people who plan to taste wine all day (or did the day before), Stone House Bakery for the best scones in the midwest, and the lovely Riverside Inn for a romantic dinner on the river at sunset.

We forgot our fancy camera and used Instagram on Chad’s iPhone to take all of our photos.  We had a blast with it.  I think Instagram is like the new polaroid–you click a photo and must stylize it by selecting a filter and then save it before you can take another photo.  It is much more spontaneous and raw than a normal iPhone photo–I highly recommend it.   If you would like to see all of our anniversary photos our user name is “Jewsroch.”  I just learned on The Haystack Needle that you can get prints of your Instagram photos on Printstagram.

Look forward to a review of our wine tour of Old Mission and Leelenau!