Body Project at Pro Neo Post

My good friend and colleague, Elizabeth Nelson, took some beautiful pictures of our exhibition, Pro Neo Post. Below are a few of the Body Project images. Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and support both on the night of the opening and otherwise.

Body Project installation with Annan Shehadi’s installation in the background.

Some audience favorites.

Some of my favorites.

Body Project installation (view as one walks into the gallery. The photos to the left are Elizabeth Nelson’s installation and to the right Jessica Bardsley’s work.

Sunday Morning Coffee [Installation Prep]

I am in the process of both finishing my thesis and prepping/doing my installation of Body Project for  Pro Neo Post which opens on Friday (come!).  Instead of the usual links I am sharing a few installation prep photos. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook these images are old news.


Hanging Prep

Sneak Peak

P.S. Can you believe its April? I should go trick Chad. . .

PRO NEO POST [You’re invited!]

Next weekend is the opening to the MA Visual and Critical Studies Thesis Exhibition! I’ll be showing a new iteration of Body Project which I’m, installing over the coming week. My classmates are fantastic people and wonderful artists–please come by and se what we’ve been up to!
Visual and Critical Studies MA Thesis Exhibition

Opening: April 6, 7pm to 10pm
Running: April 6 to 20, 2012

Autumn Space Gallery
1700 W. Irving Park Road, #207

Jessica Bardsley
Chris Campe
Kelly Christian
Alana Dao
Kate Korroch
Liz Medoff
Elizabeth Nelson
Josh Rios
Gaby Scott
Annan Shehadi
Beverly Taylor

The Visual and Critical Studies program is designed for students interested in the scholarly and creative investigation of the production, dissemination, and impact of visual images, objects, experiences, and practices. With the visual as a starting point, students use multiple methods of critical investigation to study the interactions between visual phenomena and their historical, disciplinary, and social contexts.


Body Project Update

Today I spent the afternoon scanning cards for the Body Project website Chad and I are building. It was a long process but I am excited to have digital copies of the cards so the it will be easier for me to curate them into smaller groups.


I realize that I have never actually shared cards on the blog. Below is a quick peak of an unedited scan. Look forward to more!



Body Project has had quite a week!  The count is up to 311!  I mailed out a total of about 200 to various friends who will conduct the project in their city, I  went to a Christmas party where many people were willing to participate, and today I visited a 4th grade classroom and the students did the project!  Thank you to everyone who is making this happen!

If you’d like to get in one this click here.

Participate in the Body Project

I am seeking people to act as surrogate Body Project card collectors.  My goal is to have 1,000 cards before the online archive is officially launched.  Right now I have about 250 cards.  The general idea is that you will hand people provided cards with the request “Please breifly describe your body.”  They have about five minutes to answer in whatever way they see fit.  It is anonymous and there are no requirements for what the participant writes on the card in their native language.  I am really hoping to get a variety of responses from all over the globe.  I will get the cards to you if you get them back to me.

Body Project in Bei Gao, Beijing, China

The details:

1. You send an email to with your address, the number of cards you would like,  and a guess as to when you think you can finish the cards.

2. I will send you cards, a description of the project, and some pointers about passing cards out.

2. When you receive the cards you simply pass them out to friends, colleagues, teachers, family members and the public (if you have a buddy).

3. You stick them in an envelope and send them back to me.

4. Wait anxiously for the website to launch in 2012 so that you can see the fruit of your labour!

Click here to see the cards.

Thank you so much!

Body Project Live!

Chad and I are bouncing around the U.S. right now, seeing friends get married, going to a bridal shower (just me), and then celebrating our first anniversary (just us).  For the time being I thought you would enjoy these two clips my friends from Red Gate Residency took while I was working the night crowd in Beijing while doing the Body Project.  Thank you, Rayana Savrosa and Nick Curley!  Click on their names and check out their work!

Videos: Body Cards, Pizza Boys & Body Cards, Pizza Boys 2

If you haven’t had the chance to participate or if you would like to participate again click here.


Above is an image from my very last night at the Red Gate Gallery Residency in Beijing.  Taking down the Body Project ended up as a short performance piece that will be part of my Kickstarter Rewards DVD.  My husband and I had a wonderful time doing it and managed to avoid packing for another few hours.

South Korea is going incredibly well.  I have already made wonderful new contacts.  I look forward to sharing more of that with you soon.