How to Break the Great Chinese Wall Part 2: Never Mind Pollock

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A performance at SKMU in Norway recreated by Lilibeth Cuenca RasmussenHow to Break the Great Chinese Wall Part 2: Never Mind Pollock, includes painting with hair and polka dots. Here’s a video.

Her website says, “The weighty wall of art history constitutes a challenge for a new generation of artists. Inevitably, an artist has to clear the relation to his/her precedents and artistic relatives. Cuenca Rasmussen reenacts and deconstructs iconic works and personas of performance art.”

Death of a Cameraman

Rudolf Steiner, Pictures of me, shooting myself into a Picture (2), 1997, Farbdia Fujichrome RDPII, 10 x 8 in. Image via Apex Art.

If you’re in New York or looking for an excuse to go, I highly recommend stopping by Apex Art to see Death of a Cameraman organized by Martin Waldmeier. In part of his statement about the exhibition Waldmerier states, Death of a Cameraman is not an exhibition about the killing of a young man, or about the civil war in Syria. It cannot be. It is an exhibition that acknowledges the presence of a new kind of image in which everything is at stake for the ones who make them.”

There is an exhibition talk today with Liam Stack and a film screening on October 22.

Martin, thank you for putting together such a poignant and informative exhibition.

Faces and forms

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.18.00 AM


The image above is from “The Average Faces of Women Around the World.” I’m not sure about how scientific this project is but the idea is interesting. You can make your own average face here.

The Average Faces are reminiscent of this project.

Last week David Rosenberg wrote an article about plastic surgery recovery. “Stark Portraits From The Plastic Surgery Recovery Room” includes stunning and chilling photographs of women post surgery created by Ji Yeo. Here’s an interview with the artist.

This image by Zanele Muholi from 2009 is lovely and runs along the theme of this post. I found it alongside a call for papers on Visual Activism.

Sunday Morning Coffee [Body Update]


Image via Art Radar Asia‘s recent article on Naiza Khan.

This video is stunning. It is human in a way I wish we all were. If you watch anything online this week, watch this. According to the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, “Eye for an Eye – ancient legal formula calling for revenge for harm gains a new meaning in Artur Żmijewski’s film and photographic series. The film features people with disabilities, who suffer from severe difficulties in their everyday lives as a result of amputations.” 

A video take on the visual transformation that comes with age.  Watch a person transform from a child to an older person in a matter of minutes.

Fashionable bodies to hang on your wall.

With a bit of a play on words, I’ve been meaning to go see Homebodies at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The exhibition closes 13 October.

There’s always more on bodies to read right here.

Sunday Morning Coffee [Masculinity]

Image from Joseph Maida’s series New Natives (Hawai’i)

Huffington Post’s article, “8 Scantily Clad Reasons To Rethink Your Understanding of Masculinity” written by Priscilla Frank. Reviewing Joseph Maida’s photographs, “Far removed from your typical headshot, Maida’s photos capture the wide variety of men who happen to find shelter on the tropical islands, combining blatant sensuality with traditionally masculine and feminine poses.”

Knife and Fork shared an interesting article about male eating disorders posted on Jezebel, “I’m an Alcoholic Dude With an Eating Disorder. Hi.” written by stand-up comedian Jamie Kilstein. In a comedic but poignant tone Kilstein explains, “I would tell people that if they ever did a Behind the Music-type special on me, it would be the lamest one ever. Instead of a heroin or a crack addiction, it would just be me on the road after a gig, naked in a bathtub, surrounded by stuffed crust pizza boxes sobbing into my phone, ‘YOU DON’T KNOW ME!'”

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the male body in contemporary South Korean art for Art Radar Asia. I touch upon the urger to prefect the body and ways artists alter the actual human figure through their art.

On a different note, take a look at this man’s collection of Barbie dolls!

As I write this post some artists come to mind such as Dutes Miller, this exhibition, and of course some of these dudes. Speaking of, have you seen Ai Weiwei’s latest? According to Art Radar Asia, “… bloody performances, simulated sex and government repression can still provoke art audiences.”

If you’re interested, here’s some recommended reading regarding South Korea and masculinity: Sun Jung’s Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumption: Yonsama, Rain, Oldboy, K-Pop Idols and Stephen J. Epstein and Rachael M. Joo’s article “Multiple Exposures: Korean Bodies and the Transnational Imagination.”

If I had a million dollars…


The above image is not part of the auction but many other treasures are. See below.

On September 26, 2013 Wright begins the auction “Living Contemporary”. It’s fun to take a minute and pick out what to bid on. I went a little overboard.

I’d bid on this (Moriyama lips), this (Lichtenstein pyramids), this (Cassigneul lady at a cafe), this (Dufy), this (Fischl), and this. It’d be fun to have a Warhol, too. Oh, and this, because of my name and a nude body!

Some of my selections would be for the Art History geek in me. The others, explore the body in some way or would look great with our red and white enamel table.

Sunday Morning Coffee [Upcoming Exhibitions and Events]

Image via ACAW

27 August: The Distance Between at the Logan Center Gallery and Arts Incubator in CHICAGO.

5 September: Echo of Echo IIan exhibition of Joo Yeon Park’s work will open at Doosan Gallery SEOUL.

5 September: An exhibition of Sungsic Moon’s drawings will open at Doosan Gallery in NEW YORK.

7 September: Kyoung eun Kang will be part of a group show at NYFA @ IAP at Governor’s Island in NEW YORK. You’ve seen Kang’s work mentioned here before.

19 September: Asian Contemporary Art Week in SAN FRANCISCO.

19 September: EXPO CHICAGO will open in CHICAGO.

21 September: News From Nowhere by artists Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho at Sullivan Galleries in CHICAGO

5 October: Lee Bul’s exhibition at Mudam Luxembourg will open in LUXEMBOURG. You might know her form her Cyborg creations from years past.