Sunday Morning Coffee [Gender Benders Around the World]

via DesignBoom

GERMANY on POLAND: I’d like to go see Twisted Entities at Museum Morsbroich in Germany. E-flux says, “bodies are dissected, squeezed, deformed, duplicated and over-wound.” Sign me up!

UNITED KINGDOM: Charming for the Revolution A Congress for Gender Talents and Wildness a collaboration with the Tate Modern and Electra. E-flux says, “Charming for the Revolution is an experimental congress of artists, activists and thinkers who seek to unpick underpinning, pressing questions of contemporary sexual and gender politics; exploring strategies that divert and destabilise normative gender and its representations.”

NEPAL: There is now a third gender option for those procuring a citizenship certificate in Nepal. Huffington Post says, “activists hailed the decision, saying it was an achievement for gay and transgender rights.”

UNITED NATIONS: Did you know that there is a UN Gender Equality New Feed?

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