Sunday Morning Coffee [blind-ness, blind-ed, un-blind, blind-er]

Kara Walker will be at the AIC in February!

Today I’m visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s exhibition Color Bind: The MCA Collection in Black and White. As the MCA’s website says, “With dozens of works in all media, Color Bind muses on the ways the English words “black” and “white” evoke both simple formal notions and metaphors for race, politics, and historical movements. Set to coincide with the recent US presidential election, this exhibition calls attention to the ways seemingly neutral formal terms assume moral dimensions that, in turn, complicate and politicize the very works assumed to be neutral.” 

To prep for my trip to the museum I read part of Linda Alcoff’s Visible Identities and this quick discussion on Art Info with Christopher K. Ho and Roger White about the idea surrounding Ho’s exhibition “Privileged White People” at Forever & Today, Inc. in NYC.   

In light of the Oscar nomination list being released: NY Times, “Female Directors Gain Ground, Slowly.” Alison Klayman, the director of Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, was featured in the piece. I can’t wait to hear what Coming off the Reels has to say about it.

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