Sunday Morning Coffee [Pick your cup carefully]

Image source.

This Sunday pick your coffee carefully! Huffginton post quotes Seven Elleven saying, ” Obama is leading with 60 percent of ‘votes’ (blue cups). Romney currently has 40 percent.” Do Obama voters just need more coffee? Time will tell.

John Seabrook of the New Yorker wrote, “Factory Girls,” an article that gives a nice overview of K-Pop.

And more on K-Pop with “Gangnam Style” specifically in “The Joys of Incomprehensible Pop Music” by Joshua Rothman. In regard to the global love to this video he says “ignorance is bliss” and refers to “the joy of incomprehension.” I need to write a piece on this.

In case you missed it, I wrote a peice for Sixty Inches From Center on Zane Davis’s photography series, Towards Wolf Point. As always, my favorite part is writing about the images.

Last week, Zane and I went to Daniel Shae’s exhibition opening and book release at the Museum for Contemporary Photography. I recommend stopping by.

I really need to head down to the Renaissance Society to see Danh Vo’s Uterus. 

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