Batman, Jaws, and Other Such Characters

Our apartment is filled with original artwork that my husband and I have collected over the last few years–some gifts, some from travelling, some of my paintings. One piece that gets immediate attention is Justin Mages’ silkscreen Batman vs The Shark. In his prints Mages combines culturally notorious characters with intricately designed images that accentuate the kitsch of each figure.

Justin Mages, Batman vs The Shark, Silkscreen on Linen

Last week while Chad and I were in Buffalo, New York and we had the opportunity to visit Mages’ new studio space. Decked in his bright white sweatband, Mages was generous enough to give us a quick silkscreening tutorial (success). We practiced making t-shirts with the figure from The American Mary. While we were visiting the studio we also had the chance to view some of Mages’ other work. We picked up another print, the gem White Girl Problems, which is printed on the most shocking shade of pink imaginable. I am thrilled to have another Mages in the Jewsroch collection.

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