NYC, April 10, Part I [Sandra Dukic and Boris Glamocanin]

Last Tuesday my colleague, Brandi Kulakowski, and I went to New York City for a day to meet with some artists. We had an incredible trip. This week I will share with you the two main gallery visits.

Sandra Dukic, The Anatomy of Female Feelings, 2012

First we met with Sandra Dukic and Boris Glamocanin at Splatterpool Art Space. Boris and Sandra had just opened the exhibition All in a day’s work curated by Boshko Boskovic. The collaborators just finished a six-week residency in Brooklyn at International Studio & Curatorial Program (ICSP). If you live in New York go see it!

Boris Glamocanin, Ode To the Revolutionaries & Myself (detail), 2012

When one enters Splatterpool you immediately experience Dukic’s The Anatomy of Female Feelings. The work is comprised of dishcloths with short statements embroidered into them ranging from “You should be pretty all the time” to slightly more obscure assertions. Dukic arranges the work so that the audience uses their body to maneuver through the piece reading each cloth. When the viewer comes to the end she is in the back half of the gallery space and encounters Glamocanin’s Ode To the Revolutionaries & Myself. Glamocanin’s piece began as a collection of dots on the wall. At the opening he encouraged the guests to pick up a marker and connect the dots–his work became a communal project. Again, the work requests the audience to use their body. The work almost completely covers the two largest walls in Splatterpool. Dukic and Glamocanin’s two works seem to exist independently but upon closer examination one realized the intricacies that bring the work and the two collaborators together.

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