PRO NEO POST [You’re invited!]

Next weekend is the opening to the MA Visual and Critical Studies Thesis Exhibition! I’ll be showing a new iteration of Body Project which I’m, installing over the coming week. My classmates are fantastic people and wonderful artists–please come by and se what we’ve been up to!
Visual and Critical Studies MA Thesis Exhibition

Opening: April 6, 7pm to 10pm
Running: April 6 to 20, 2012

Autumn Space Gallery
1700 W. Irving Park Road, #207

Jessica Bardsley
Chris Campe
Kelly Christian
Alana Dao
Kate Korroch
Liz Medoff
Elizabeth Nelson
Josh Rios
Gaby Scott
Annan Shehadi
Beverly Taylor

The Visual and Critical Studies program is designed for students interested in the scholarly and creative investigation of the production, dissemination, and impact of visual images, objects, experiences, and practices. With the visual as a starting point, students use multiple methods of critical investigation to study the interactions between visual phenomena and their historical, disciplinary, and social contexts.


Sunday Morning Coffee (Monday Evening Quicky)



Well,  it is crunch time. Below is a quick list of the things I’ve been meaning to read since last week.

The man in the tutu via Huffington Post

Women’s rise reshaping Korean society via Korea Herald via the director and curator of this site.

Chicago Ideas Week Fellowship

Do Ho Suh at the Leeum

My husband highly recommends this TED Talk by Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

What’s your take on Biennale?  via Huffington Post

Sunday Morning Coffee (A Smorgasbord)

Meret Oppenheim, Luncheon in Fur (Object), 1936

I was recently reminded of the wonderful Surrealist object above. The MOMA‘s gallery text about the object gives a nice overview. Just sit for ten seconds and think about using it, you can probably guess most of the gallery text from there.

Have you seen this wonderful 17 minute documentary about our President? “The Road We’ve Travelled” directed by Davis Guggenheim.

In “North Korea in Contrast” the New York Times blog Lens posted an article last week about David Guttenfelder, accordingly to the article he is the only person from the West who has been allowed to photograph North Korea. The images focus on the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang.

For those of you working on a thesis or dissertation, I wanted to share what I use to relax after a long day of writing and researching–Lisa Eldrigde online make-up tutorials. I realized last night this might be my version of watching Bob Ross.

VMFA: Diana Al-Hadid

Diana Al-Hadid (b. 1981). Trace of a Fictional Third, 2011 (detail), Photo: Marianne Boesky Gallery.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is the Korroch Family field trip destination. On March 10 they opened Diana Al-Hadid: Trace of a Fictional Third. I haven’t seen the work in person but from the images on the artist’s website Al-Hadid’s large organic sculptures are beautiful and haunting. The exhibition is up until Sept 2, 2012, I foresee a special birthday field trip for a certain birthday!

Sunday Morning Coffee

Hyungkoo Lee, Image from The Objectuals

I finally have an email sign-up for this blog! To receive an email when I make a blog post go about half way down on the sidebar on the right side and enter your email address! My goal is to have 100 subscribers.

My friend and MAVCS grad Meredith Kooi was interviewed by Caroline Picard on Bad at Sports. “The Liminal Space of Self: An Interview with Meredith Kooi”–click here to read it! Meredith is incredibly insightful and her work is fascinating.

A fun(ny) work break: SAT vocabulary test based on The Hunger Games. I’m embarrassed to say I missed one.

This image reminds me of Miru Kim’s work. It is from the article “A Chicken Without Guilt” on NY Times.

Mark your calendars! On April 6 at Autumn Space in Chicago the second year MAVCS student will host a reception to celebrate our final exhibition. Tomorrow I’m doing a series of test-installations for the next iteration of Body Project which will be my contribution to the exhibition.

Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Korean Pavilion Website

The website linked above chronicles South Korea’s involvement at the Venice Biennale since the Korean Pavilion was built in 1995. The website is organized by year. Lee Yongbaek, who I am writing about in a chapter of my thesis, represented South Korea at the Biennale last year. The website has a PDF of the catalogue which I am about to read. As with most biennale, the selection of artists who represented South Korea at the Venice Biennale do not fully exemplify the breadth of work produced by the country but it does give a nice taste. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Mondrian!

Piet Mondrian, Composition (No. 1) Gray-Red, 1935, Oil on Canvas, Art Institute of Chicago

Today, March 7, Piet Mondrian is 140! I am a teaching assistant for Levi Smith’s class on Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture. Levi lectured on Mondrian a few weeks ago. My favorite little bit from lecture and reading that week is that Mondrian thought Cubism didn’t push itself far enough, that it didn’t “accept the consequences of it’s own discovery.” [Quotation from notes on a lecture by Levi Smith on February 23,2012.]

Sunday Morning Coffee (Quicky)


The image above is a painting by Rim Lee, on Friday I went to the opening of her retrospective at Kasia Kay Gallery in Chicago. Her work deserves more than this little blip in my Sunday Morning Coffee but for the sake of time I will just say that if you’re in Chicago, go visit the gallery! In the retrospective she had four photographs and two large paintings. I felt most connected to the paintings considering my history with body painting. They are paintings of performances.

Yoko Ono is amazing.

If you’re into Andy Warhol–read this and scan down this page to see his version of Munch’s The Scream.

And now I’m off to a meeting with my VCS class to prepare for our exhibition (to be named today) opening on April 6 at Autumn Space.

Happy sipping!