Sunday Morning Coffee (Pink Splash on a Monday Morning)


Disco in downtown Chicago!

Ex-North Korean artwork shown in the U.S.

Speaking of North Korea, please check out this project! Young Sun Han is an SAIC grad and currently lives in Chicago. Some of his family is from North Korea and a portion of the proceeds from his sales go to Life Fund for North Korean Refugees. (Yes, Zane Davis, I am highly recommending you watch the short video.)

On the Wallstreet Journal Blog, Singapore Considers “No-Censorship Zones”

Art Radar’s 16 most searched Asian artists from July-December 2011. It looks like Ai Weiwei was number one but they also reported a surge in searches for Korean artists (I hope thats not just me doing thesis research!). Lee Yong-baek is number 8 on the list, I am in the midst of writing a chapter on him.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee (Pink Splash on a Monday Morning)

  1. Thank you, Kate, for mentioning our latest most-searched artists list on your blog. We’re also very happy to hear that you’re finding Art Radar so useful for your thesis research. Can we ask, is there anything you wish you could find on Art Radar that you can’t at the moment? We would love to know what you think of the platform and what we can do better.

    -The Art Radar team


  2. Thank you looking at my blog and thank you for being such a wonderful source. I hope to generate much more content in this space once my thesis is finished. I would love to see more artists that aren’t necessarily part of the global market and artists who haven’t quite made it big but are still making incredible work. I am also interested in more conversation about the global art market in relation to national identity. And, as you have probably figured out, I am always for more on South Korea! Again, thank you! You are doing a wonderful thing. Best, Kate


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