Body Project Update

Today I spent the afternoon scanning cards for the Body Project website Chad and I are building. It was a long process but I am excited to have digital copies of the cards so the it will be easier for me to curate them into smaller groups.


I realize that I have never actually shared cards on the blog. Below is a quick peak of an unedited scan. Look forward to more!


Sunday Morning Coffee (Sunny and Cold)


The Barbie above was made by Jocelyne Grivaud. This piece about Grivaud’s work was brought to my attention by Hazel Dooney on Facebook. Dooney’s response to Barbie is here.

“Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” successfully debuted at Sundance!

During some thesis research last week I was reminded of Changwon Lee’s work I saw for the first time in 2009. It is great in a photo and even better in person.

Remember when I did the Body Project at IKEA in Beijing? Here is more IKEA art. If you like it you can support the Kickstarter.

Sunday Morning Coffee will soon become a Jewsroch family pastime! Keep your eyes posted here.

Have a great week!

Making Chinatown by Ming Wong

Ming Wong, Making China Town, 2011

I learned about Ming Wong from e-flux.  This is what e-flux had to say.

Find Ming Wong’s website by clicking here.

Read about his work on REDCAT‘s website.

My initial attraction to the work was purely visual but after reading a bit about it my interest grew,

“Working through the visual styles and tropes of such iconic film directors as Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Wong Kar-wai and Ingmar Bergman, Wong’s practice considers the means through which subjectivity and geographic location are constructed by motion pictures.” -REDCAT

“Wong’s reinterpretation, Making Chinatown, transforms the exhibition space into a studio backlot and examines the original film’s constructions of language, performance and identity.” -e-flux

Sunday Morning Coffee (Beer Tasting)

Robert Mapplethorpe’s Derrick Cross, 1983

Betsy, I though you would enjoy this artist’s work!

Liumang Yan is speaking up for sex workers in China, she is also one of the women in One Tiger Eight Breasts with Ai Weiwei.

More on affordable art!

This article is about scandalous muses.  I would have added Robert Mapplethorpe’s models to the list. If you are interested in Mapplethorpe and his muses you should read two chapters by Kobena Mercer on Mapplethorpe’s work. To summarize briefly, in the first chapter Mercer is quite angry about the objectification of the models in the photographs. A few years later he wrote a second article revisiting his initial reaction and accepting the work.

“What is ahead for contemporary  Asian art, 2012, and beyond?” Part II.

Yesterday I went to a great pannel at SAIC called “Getting on the Map.”  Sharon Louden moderated a conversation with Carron Little, Mark Jeffery, Judd Morrissey, and David Parker.

There is a horse hanging from the ceiling at the Guggenheim in New York!

Trip to the MCA

On Friday Molly and I ventured to the MCA Chicago.  The main exhibition right now is Language of Less (Then and Now). The exhibition was divided in two–artists’ work from the past and artists’ work from today.  Below is my favorite work from the exhibition.

Tony Conrad, Yellow Movie, 2/28/73

The very large piece is meant to convey the inevitable decay of art and life.  It is hard to tell from this picture but the area inside the black frame is covered in white paint.  It is an active work because the white paint is slowly but surely becoming more yellow and worn–the effect of time.  The massive sheet of paper shows creases, dirty spots, dripped ink, and a torn corner.  For me those marks are what keep Yellow Movie alive in time.  The marks of the person that created it, his intimate interaction with the canvas.

Click here to hear a quick clip of Conrad speaking about the work.

IT, Bagged Rothko, 1965*

The above piece was part of another exhibition in a gallery upstairs.  I just enjoyed it for the surface value of the blatant echoing of a Mark Rothko painting.  More on that later.

*The MCA listed the artists as IT which is a pseudonym.  The National Gallery of Canada owns the piece and they list the artist as N.E. Thing Co..

Sunday Morning Coffee (On Monday)



Who Owns the Color Red? A great question.  I’d like to ask which red?

Are you into all things Korea with an academic twist?  This is a fantastic resource.

I am really excited for Art Radar’s four part series, “What is ahead for contemporary Asian art, 2012, and beyond?”

An interesting question that bubbles to the surface frequently–the artists and the artists assistant.  Damien Hirst’s assistant made paintings.  I fall into the camp of it was still the artists idea.

“At what point in contemporary art history did critical writing become so uncritical?” The question is important but what is even more important is how we answer (and change) it.

Sunday Morning Coffee (Hot Lemon Water)

From Miru Kim’s The Pig That Therefor I Am


Miru Kim’s pigs got sick at Art Basel on Huffington Post.

Updates on Ai Weiwei–Art21, a bit about his alleged tax evasion, the sunflower seeds are coming to New York!

Is the postal rendition of year of the dragon too “monstrous”?

Genderbread Person.  I originally found it here.

Do you know about whats going on in Bosnia?  This monument deserves its own post.

Take some time to learn a bit about North Korea.

This is a great new tumblr.  Nepotism? No, it is simply lovely.