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I often think about the prefix “post.”  More specifically post paired with a movement or idea.  This morning I came across an article on Art Daily, “Before the Law–Post War sculptures and spaces of contemporary art at Museum Ludwig” and it renewed my thinking (just the title, not the article).

Some “Posts” I think about: post war, post conceptual, post Asia, post western/eastern, post gender, post religion, post race/racism, post democracy, post art, and due to the recent death of the North Korean leader, post Kim Jong-il.*


Is sticking “post” in front of something just us not being creative enough to give something new its own name?  Or is it a gesture of respect and acknowledgement to the path that it took to get to the post part?  Take “post war.”  Post war could be seen as peace but if it is designated post war then it took the war to get to the peace.  (What would post peace be?)

Do you make “posts” in your head?  What are they?

*In case you haven’t had the privilege of viewing this slightly disconcerting but slightly wonderful blog, Kim Jong-il Looking At Things.


Inky Bodies and Christmas Memories

First, thank you to Zane Davis (who just recently added a comment feature to his tumblr!) for bringing this to my attention.

In my late toddler years my Mom, Dad. and I lived outside of Boston.  Overall my memories of Boston (Londonderry, New Hampshire) are filled with things like carrot soup, playing with my best friend, ballet class, the Boston Red Socks and the Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker.  Daddy always talks about taking me to the Nutcracker and sitting up so high that we could see the perfect patterns the dancers made in the snow.  I think most of my memory of  this through his retelling of it.  I also think those years visiting the museums and going to the ballet had a huge impact on the adult I have become.

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I was reminded of my childhood in the chilly northeast when Zane sent me a link to a performance by Shen Wei Dance Arts.  How I wish I had stuck with those Russian Ballet classes I started when I was 3 (and stopped when I was 6).  In the performance some of the dancers use ink to trace the pattern of their movement with ink.  It is beautiful yet visceral and I highly suggest you take three minutes to watch their performance.



Body Project has had quite a week!  The count is up to 311!  I mailed out a total of about 200 to various friends who will conduct the project in their city, I  went to a Christmas party where many people were willing to participate, and today I visited a 4th grade classroom and the students did the project!  Thank you to everyone who is making this happen!

If you’d like to get in one this click here.