Collecting Art (The Affordable Version)

With the internet art collecting has become more accessible for those with a smaller budget.  It is not only more affordable but also very convenient.  It is ideal to buy art directly from the artist but sites like the ones I’m about to share with you enable the artists to focus on making and gives them the opportunity to be part of a larger community of artists selling their work.

My current favorite site for affordable art collecting is Jen Beckmann’s 20×200.  20×200 has limited edition prints at three different size: 8×10 inches at $20, 11×14 inches at $50 and 16×20 inches at $200.  For a higher price you can select to have them framed.  Below is a recent image I really like from the site.

From 20× by Eadweard Muybridge

I also like this, these, and this.

And no, 20×200 is not all lady body based, I just like that.  You can sort through the prints by color, subject matter, and size.  Go look, it is fun.

Another interesting option is what I call “Netflix Art”–Turning Art. On this site you buy a subscription for either $10 or $30 per month, they send you a frame, and just like Netflix, you trade out the art print as often as you like.  Another great aspect of this option is that each dollar you spend goes towards buying an original work.  I think this is a fantastic idea but I didn’t find much art I liked (they have a huge selection) and ideally the artwork would be originals instead of prints.

Black List Studio prints has a limited selection but the genius idea of sizing their prints to match IKEA frames.  I got this one for Chad for our first anniversary.  Though, I bought the wrong IKEA frame.  Please don’t ask me about that day.

Finally, I woud like to mention Etsy.  Etsy is the where I sold my work back in 2007-2008 and where I continue to have my current paintings listed.  That being said, the Etsy marketplace is incredibly saturated.  It is really a site for creatives to use as a storefront and not a site where artists can count on being discovered by new buyers.

Where do you buy art?

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