Saturday Morning Coffee (Oatmeal with Kim Joon)

For my thesis research I have found the Korean Eye exhibition catalog very useful.  It is an exhibition that was created because someone (outside of Korea) thought that Korean artwork is not well represented in the global art world.  Kim Joon’s artwork is on the cover.

Kim Joon, Bird Land – Chrysler, 2008


What brought me to Kim’s work this morning was a list of the 20 most searched Asian artists on Art Radar Asia.  Here is the list.  Out of the twenty, two artists from South Korea were listed–Meekyoung Shin and Kim Joon.  At quick glance I was taken in by Shin’s work, though I do find her use of materials interesting.  Kim Joon’s work, on the other hand, is hard to not stare at for a bit.  Art Radar did an interview with Kim in 2009, it is a quick read and interesting.  Because of my own research, I was particularly interested in what he said about using the body and his statements about contemporary art (global and South Korea).  Regarding the body, he did not “intentionally create erotic images” but it is hard to avoid sexual connotations when dealing with idealized nude figures.

Anyways, work time.

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