Christine Sun Kim

An idea I roll around in mind on a regular basis is the sensual experience of art.  Most art, but surely not all of it, is visual–for our eyes only.  Once the product is finished and in a space for public view we rarely have the ability to access the touch, smell, taste, or sound.  We look.  This morning I was reminded of this.  Zane Davis sent me a link to Christine Sun Kim’s short video, a Selby Film.  I highly recommend watching it.  The film takes a few steps through Kim’s life, shows her performance experiments with sound, and gives excerpts of Kim talking about her experience with sound and language in general.

Click here to view the video.

In the film Kim says, “Let’s listen with our eyes, not just our ears.”

KoreAm is an interesting link I found on Kim’s website–the Korean American Experience.

Also, she occupies wall street with signs as sound.

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