Jenny Saville


Another one of my morning reads is Art Daily.  This morning I read an article about Jenny Saville’s new exhibition at Gagosian Gallery.  I think because of my recent post about Alex Meade I immediately wondered if Saville’s figures were painted bodies.  Saville is known for painting and drawing bodies at dramatic angles on huge canvases.


I tried to find Saville’s website, instead I just found many gallery descriptions of her work.  A short excerpt of something Saville said about her work jumped out to me.  my work and research is about the body and moments of un-doing and mixing “conventional” gender.  Of the painting above Saville says, “With the transvestite I was searching for a body that was between genders. I had explored that idea a little in Matrix. The idea of floating gender that is not fixed.” Click here to read the rest.

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