A Visit to Samcheok-si

Chad and I landed in Seoul on Thursday night.  The next morning we hopped on a bus back to the town where we used to live, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do.  The fact that we are back in Samcheok less than 18 months after we left is simply amazing.  Many of our friend didn’t think they would ever see us again.  We had a wonderful, quick trip.

Last night we went out for our favorite kind of duck and went to norebang.  Some of our closest friends joined us!  Teacher Kim Young Mi and Teacher Son Un Jin are with me above.  Teacher Kim Sook Jin was also with us.  Teacher Son invited us to come to school this morning.  Chad and I loaded up with a dozen Dunkin Donuts, our favorite edible gift to bring to school, and headed to Guendeok on our old route to school.

At school we got to see almost all of our old students and many of our former co-workers.  They were very excited to see us but a bit shy about it.  They have all grown so much!  Teacher Son and Teacher Kim both had their students do the Body Project! Many of the students used drawings!  I can’t wait for the next installation so that I can show off my students’ handy-work.

Tomorrow I think we will finally start getting settled in Seoul.  Chad and I keep laughing that it seems like he is settling me in at summer camp, I’m glad he’s here to do it.

Look forward to more posts soon!

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