Accidental Installation

Last night a few Red Gate Residency artists had an exhibition in Bei Gao.  My wonderful next-door neighbors, Britt Salt and Jon Hewitt hosted an exhibition in their space.  Check out on of their recent collaborative projects here.  They invited me to open my doors as well.  Lisa Anderson, another resident in Bei Gao, showed some of her work in my studio.  It was a truly wonderful night that I will blog about more.  I also plan to introduce you to my fellow residents at some point.

Above is my Accidental Installation.  Along with working on the Body Project I have been reacquainting myself with painting.  I have 5 paintings finished and three were up last night.  The one above is of a mangosteen.  It fit well in my kitchen area on the little hutch and I had a bowl with a pear in it that I was painting.  Put together with a spot light and a kitschy domestic scene was born!

Thank you to everyone, especially my Chad, for making Saturday such a wonderful event!

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