Tea Ceremony

Yesterday a few of the residency artists, my family and I attended at tea ceremony at a local artist/Red Gate Gallery assistant’s home.  Liao is an amazing artist and very generously shared with us his home, studio, and the rich culture of tea in China.  He shared about 4 different teas with us and gave us a full description of their taste and history.

Above you can see the main components of the ceremony.  The tea sits in the brown pot or something similar (for a very short time), get poured into the clear vessel, and then distributed among the guests.  The tongs are for getting the tea out of the pot once the tea leaves have been sufficiently used.  The pot on the right (and below) is for the used tea leaves.  The stand which the items are standing on is slotted so that water call fall through.  It is a very wet and organic process.  We drank out of very tiny tea cups which helped us savor the individual teas.


My father eloquently and succinctly summarized their amazing day yesterday.  I am borrowing his words, “Day 3: 798 Art District (witnessed a wedding proposal with about 75 dancers in red hats, a red carpet, and prospective groom in a black tux); Chad!; Kate’s studio; Chinese tea with several artists served by a local artist in his studio (sampled several special teas); dinner for 7 at a hidden restaurant near Kate’s studio–incredible local fare (total bill about $15!). Excited for day 4, but its 3 a.m.”
Chad and I unfortunately missed the proposal.  Though, I do love this proposal from a couple of years ago!

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