The Great Wall and the Forbidden City (With Katiedid and the Commander)

On Saturday my parents arrived in China!  Last night Chad arrived!  I am one happy lady.  All three of them have hit the ground running.  On Sunday, an old friend took us to the Great Wall and the Ming Dynasty Tombs.  Yesterday, Mom, Dad and I visited the Forbidden City.  Below are some pictures from those two days, enjoy!  (Most of the photos were taken by my Dad!)

Our trip to the wall consisted of a gondola ride up, a long hike on the wall, and a toboggan ride back down.  We had an absolutely amazing time and I don’t think Mom and Dad could have picked a better first day adventure.  Above are a few beautiful shots of the wall that my Dad took.  Below is a photo of me, Mom, and Mark from the end of our Wall visit.  Notice all of the vendors below.

After the Wall Mark took us to an amazing restaurant/glass blowing studio converted from an old school.  Daddy had a lovely Father’s Day lunch!  “Dad’s Eat Free!”  It was such a treat to be with my Dad on Father’s Day.  It was a rare, wonderful occasion.

After lunch we headed to the Ming Dynasty Tombs.  Dad took some great shots but I particularly like this photo of Mao resting in the same place where we took a rest.

On Day 2 Mom and Dad were still going strong!  We visited the very large/long Forbidden City.  Below is a picture of a friend I made.

Welcome to China, Katiedid and the Commander!

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