Where’s Waldo

I recently visited a gallery in 798 called Sky Moca.  The gallery space currently features one artist, known as Ding Xiongquan in Beijing and known as Walasse Ting in Europe.  The exhibition was simple and clean.  My first thought when I walked in was of a conversation I had last winter with one of my SAIC professors.  We discussed that the two categories for artwork that we like–one, art we would like to own and two, art that we’d like to write about.  When I entered Sky MocaI initially thought that the gallery held artwork I’d put in the “art I’d like to own” category.

As I strolled around the gallery I was amused by the vibrant colors that would beautifully accent my bright red and white 50’s diner-esque kitchen table set.  Though, I quickly realized that the artwork, though beautiful, quickly began to offend me.   Almost every single work out the the 20 or so in the room exposed one intimate part of a woman.  Women, lounging around in pretty flowers, half nude.  I understand the selection for a cohesive exhibition but I am curious about the intentions of the artist.  As a collection the work became a (very easy) Where’s Waldo book.  Each painting simply highlights a select part of the female figure.

Ding Xiongquan/Walasse Ting is represented by Christies.  He is obviously a well established artist known throughout the international art community.  A Google search brought me work that is very similar to what I saw at Sky Moca.  Ding/Ting has found a nitch and stuck to it.  His nitch is one I truly like aesthetically but do not care for contextually.  Below is an image of one wall that was different from the others in the gallery.  Instead of lightly clad loungers, two paintings that are a bit smaller than the main lot feature women in traditional costume.  These two paintings flank a flower painting that is a bit larger than the others in the gallery.

Please click on this link from Galerie Birch (scroll down) to see a painting by Ding/Ting title Do you want to eat my apples from 1977.  I would LOVE to own that painting with the title card.

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