Studio Glimpse & 10 Months

Here it is, the place where it all happens–my studio.  The above photo is facing out towards the street–the front door is on the right, the kitchen is to the left, and the bedroom is at the top left.  The frame in the top photo was left here and I love it.  I will have to wait and see which direction I end up going but I might just have to take a day and paint that thing.

These photos were taken about 24 hours ago and the space is already looking much more worked in.  Today one of my fellow residents and I set up a still life and painted for the morning and early afternoon.  It was wonderful to have another person to paint with.  I’m not thrilled with my painting but the point is to be doing it.

Yesterday I spent the day getting organized and doing a couple of sketches.  I am doing a course called the Artist’s Way while I am here so I did the reading for week one.  The Artist’s Way is a 12 week program to invigorate creativity.  It can be spiritual if you want it to be but it is very flexible.  I am really enjoying it so far and it has been highly recommended by friends and artists.

– – – – –

To conclude I would like to leave China for a moment and say Happy 10 Month Anniversary to my very wonderful husband.  Being away from him has been pretty hard, I can’t wait for him to arrive in two weeks!  Cheers to you, Handsome!  I love you!

Photo Credit: Wedding Creativo

3 thoughts on “Studio Glimpse & 10 Months

  1. Hi Kate, Thanks so much for the pictures and info about your experiences and Happy 10th anniversary also. Looks like a great studio.
    We just returned from Carrollton GA and Christophers graduation from SCAD. Then to Kokomo on Tuesday.
    Dinner with Marcia and Will last night. Started home this a.m. Windows are in the addition and skylights to go in today. Quite a project.
    Love to you, Willa


  2. Dear Willa,

    I am glad you enjoyed the photos! Everything has been pretty wonderful my first week here.

    Congrats to Christopher, he must be excited.

    I am glad that you got to see Will and Marcia, they have had quite the adventure with their new addition. I’m looking forward to getting back and seeing them enjoying their new space.

    Lot’s of love to you both,



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