Cheers from China

Hello, Everyone!  I landed less than three days ago.  In order to fight the jetlag I have packed a ton into my first two full days in China.  The first I spent with three other artists wandering the 798 distrtict, visiting Tiananmen Square, and walking around a university district.  Yesterday, I attended a Tedx confrence on the Great Wall.  Tedx conferences are independently organized Ted events.  It was an incredible day.  Here are some highlights from the lecturers:

*The Great Wall of China is the only dive-able wonder of the world–part of the Wall is underwater!

*Brain state is more inportant than brain circumstances.  This bit was accompanied by a story about a teacher who thought her students’ locker numbers, roughy 150-170, were their IQs.  The students had the best scores the school district had ever seen.

*The brain thinks in pictures not in words.  Think of a horse.  Was it a big animal or block letters?  I actually pictured a painting I had seen the day before but it was a picture nonetheless.

*”Genius is the art of non-habitual thinking” –William James

*”The sound of rain needs no translation.” –Alan Watts

*Live the questions.

I didn’t get all of the lecturers names.  They are on the site but I don’t want to miss label the information.

The photo above is at the beginning of our hike.

After the talks we hiked a part of the Great Wall.  They brought wine and beer up to the Wall for sunset.  When the sun set we headed back down to the area where the conference was held, ate dinner, roasted s’mores, and headed back home.  What a day!

Today I am hoping to unpack and but art supplies. I hope that you are all very well!

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