Between Sheets – Canon Spring 2011


This is the over of between sheets the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) Visual and Critical Studies Department journal.  The first year class was in charge of the publication this year.  Intimacy was the overall topic–contributions included a variety of interpretations on intimacy.   My piece came in two parts.  The first was a consideration of language and interpretation.  I wrote it in English and used Google Translate to translate it into Korean.

My other piece was a kind of word game and simultaneously a hacking of language.

Contact me if you’d like a PDF of my work.  Also, here is a clue to the second part on YOUTUBE.

To learn about my classmates, the other between sheets contributors, visit the SAIC VCS website!

Disclaimer: The photo of the cover is from a draft but you get the idea!

Kickstarter Success!

Hello Everyone!  This is a screen shot of my incredibly successful Kickstarter project!  I am thrilled and incredibly grateful–the project was not only funded but funded almost %125.

If you didn’t have a chance to view the video that Chad and I made for the project you can click and view now.  The video shows me doing a stop-motion wall painting.  Chad edited my rambles into an eloquent summation of my project goals for my time in China and South Korea.

I leave on Tuesday!  Look forward to many updates here on the blog!